Why OEM Auto Parts Are So Expensive

Yes, OEM auto parts are much more expensive than aftermarket auto parts but why is this? First it is important to understand the difference between OEM auto parts and aftermarket auto parts. Second we have to understand the small but significant differences between OEM and non-OEM parts. Regardless of your level of understanding, vehicles will still break down and parts will need to be replaced. Whether you take your vehicle to the shop or to the dealer is is likely that they will ask you permission before replacing any parts on automobile. To save a little cash you can shop for all your replacement auto part needs at Factory Part!

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This signifies that these parts were built and tested by the manufacturer of the vehicle you drive. All of these parts are made from high-quality materials and are backed up by a 1 year warranty. This is incredibly important because it means that the manufacturer will stand by the quality of their products. OEM auto part prices are also set by the vehicle manufacturer so they can increase prices without worrying about backlash. 

On the other hand, aftermarket auto parts are manufactured by third party companies that do not undergo strenuous or strict production testing. There are also hundreds of different aftermarket parts companies which means that it is a toss up as to whether you will purchase a high-quality part of a sub-part replacement part. Many aftermarket parts are much cheaper because they are constructed out of lower-quality materials which may decrease functionality, longevity, and effectiveness. Aftermarket parts usually do not come with warranties and the warranties that they offer are very limited. 

To avoid the overwhelming price of most OEM parts it is time to visit Factory Part. We offer replacement parts for every vehicle manufacturer. We offer customers only the highest-quality OEM parts at the best prices! Call today for your next replacement part!