When Your Alternator Breaks Down

Alternators are one of the most important (and costly) aspects of a vehicle. When an alternator stops working there is the decision about whether you will replace this part with an aftermarket alternator or an OEM alternator. When price is the only reason that you choose an alternator you might be in for a wake up call. Aftermarket auto parts are just not as reliable as OEM auto parts. There is no way for an aftermarket alternator to be manufactured identically to an OEM alternator. While differences may be very difficult for consumers to spot, the functionality differences of a non-OEM part are hard to miss. 

Since alternators are necessary for the function of a vehicle an OEM auto part is the only way to go. Alternators have an important task and aftermarket parts are just not up to the job:

  • Aftermarket alternators usually do not produce output wattage that is comparable to OEM alternators. In other words, the power may be insufficient. Many alternators that are replaced with lower wattage aftermarket parts will have a completely discharged battery due to the insufficient power output. 
  • OEM auto parts are built to be very energy efficient and the alternator is no different. Aftermarket alternators are not built to these efficient specifications and can severely decrease fuel efficiency. OEM auto parts are much better when deciding between aftermarket and OEM alternators. 
  • While prices may be higher for OEM auto parts it is due to their superior materials. OEM alternators use bearings that reduce the noise. Aftermarket alternators save money by utilizing subpar roller bearings. This means that an aftermarket alternator might be much louder than an OEM alternator.   

When you leave price out of the equation there is no question that OEM auto parts are a better purchase. To find high-quality OEM auto parts at outstanding prices it is time to shop with Factory Parts. Stop in and see how our prices make buying OEM the smartest move!