When To Replace A Jeep’s Exhaust System

Jeep owners will attest to the fact that the exhaust system is a crucial system of their vehicle. When this system is functioning correctly it will be low-emitting, quiet, and the vehicle will run as smoothly as the day you bought it. Unfortunately, the exhaust system will begin to break down just like any other moving part of a vehicle. While they are built to be long lasting, there is no way to calculate the lifespan of an exhaust system. Thankfully you can replace an exhaust system with genuine OEM Jeep parts to ensure that quality is not sacrificed. 

As with any part of a vehicle, excess use can cause excess wear. The exhaust system can also corrode since it is made out of metal. This occurs when it is subjected to the exhaust and other high temperatures for long periods of time. The weather may also play a role in the corrosion of an exhaust system. Salt that is laid down on streets and highways to decrease snow build up can take a toll on the metal of a vehicle. If you notice that the bottom of your vehicle is beginning to rust, do a thorough check of the exhaust system. 

Thankfully the exhaust system will not fail all at once unless there is a much bigger problem with your vehicle.  Regular maintenance on gaskets and hangers will keep the exhaust system functioning properly for much longer. Any time that routine maintenance finds a problem with the exhaust system, only genuine OEM Jeep parts should be used to replace problem areas. If your mechanic does not carry OEM Jeep parts you can order them online at FactoryPart.