Replacing An Expensive TIPM Part

Totally Integrated Power Modules (TIPM) are becoming more well known among laypeople, but not for the reason that you would believe. The TIPM is under fire due to the fact that is has been malfunctioning in many Chrysler models. This small electronic module is causing costly repairs to Chrysler owners across the nation. Taking your vehicle into an automotive repair shop may mean that this very important part will be replaced with an aftermarket TIPM unit. To ensure that the system runs smoothly after a repair, shop for genuine OEM Chrysler auto parts through Factory Part. 

The TIPM failures are causing vehicles to sit idle. Without a TIPM unit, a vehicle is not able to turn on all of the important electrical components. A defective TIPM unit can also cause a car to stall, and can cause other electrical problems which do not make for a fun or easy drive. This small component of the electrical system can cost upwards of $1,000 to fix, and it can take automotive mechanics a while to pin down the problem. The faulty TIPM unit will also make it much more difficult to get from point A to point B in a safe and efficient manner. When this unit needs to be replaced, do not hesitate to shop for a genuine OEM Chrysler auto part to reverse the problem. 

Factory Part carries genuine OEM auto parts for every make and model of Chrysler. Each and every auto part was tested by the manufacturer, and as always, our prices are incredibly low to help our customers save money.