OEM Jeep Parts To Keep On Hand

Jeeps hold a special place in the hearts of their owners. These vehicles are reliable, rugged, and make a for a great adventure. You can head to the mountains, up to the ski resorts, drive down to the lake, or head out to the ocean for a surfing adventure. With their unsurpassed 4-wheeling ability, the sky’s the limit for these vehicles. Many owners decide to take their vehicles off road and inevitably end up with a broken part that needs to be repaired. Even with regular use, parts may become worn or broken. It is always a good idea to keep certain genuine OEM Jeep parts on hand for just these instances. 

Keeping your Jeep in working order can be easy with genuine and affordable OEM Jeep parts from FactoryPart and a little know how. Men and women who enjoy heading out on adventures in their Jeep vehicles should always have a few parts on hand or in their garage for quick fixes. Below is a list of replacement OEM Jeep parts to always keep on hand for emergencies:

  • Belts: Engine belts can break at anytime and without warning. When this happens a vehicle will need to be towed unless you have the right skill set and the right replacement parts.
  • Rear Drive Shaft: Rear drive shafts are commonly broken on Jeep vehicles. The rear shaft can completely break or bend which causes a vehicle to stop moving.
  • U Joints: U Joints help with transmission along the rear axle. Breaking, bending, or damaging a U Joint will necessitate replacement.
  • Output Shaft On T-Case: These cases can easily break and cause damage or drive inefficiency.
  • Oil Pans: This is a relatively simple fix that can do wonders for the efficiency of the engine. 

Find every genuine replacement OEM Jeep part that you will need to keep your vehicle in working order. Shop our entire inventory and stay well below budget!