OEM Auto Parts VS Aftermarket Parts

Here at Factory Part, we sell parts for every automotive manufacturer at the lowest cost to you. Our OEM auto parts will get you back on the road at the right price. Whether you're looking for OEM Chrysler parts or OEM Jeep or Dodge parts, we've got it all! We get a lot of questions from our customers asking us what the difference is between OEM auto parts and aftermarket auto parts. Today we're here to discuss the answer to that question more in-depth. 

Firstly, let's remind you that OEM parts are parts that are Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. What does this mean? Essentially they're vehicle parts that are made by the manufacturer of the car. It's interesting to point out that some automotive companies use outside manufacturers to design and produce their parts and then simply put a logo on them and package them as their own. 

On the other hand, aftermarket parts are produced by an entirely different company than the original car manufacturer. Even though these parts are usually made with the same materials and are made to service the same purpose, it's totally possible that they might have slight differences in how they feel and look. 

While OEM auto parts do tend to be a bit more expensive, you certainly get what you pay for as they tend to be easier to choose and they're backed by at least a 1-year warranty. 

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