Not All Replacement Auto Parts Are Created Equal

When it comes to the working components of your vehicle, not all parts are created equal! When you vehicle works for you, it is only fair that you take care of it with OEM auto parts. Now people that work on vehicles or spend a lot of time under the hood of their vehicles may have a better understanding of OEM vs. aftermarket auto parts, but others have no frame of reference. To start, “low cost auto parts” are not always the most reliable auto parts. Regardless of their low price, many non-OEM auto parts do not pass vehicle manufacturer testing. This means that you may pay several times over before a problem is completely fixed.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of different aftermarket auto part manufacturers and many of these manufacturers do not have any quality control. This is not saying that 100% of aftermarket auto parts are not as good as OEM auto parts, all we are saying is that there are a large chunk that fail safety testing. Aftermarket auto part sellers also have a reputation for denying claims when their parts break down early. It is always important to understand the nuances of any aftermarket claims warranty before attaching that part to your vehicle. Also when it comes time to replace a part on your vehicle it is best to use a reputable auto shop. Non-reputable locations will buy bottom of the barrel aftermarket parts while charging close to OEM prices. Still other companies will claim that they use OEM parts when in fact they use high-quality aftermarket auto parts. 

Not all auto parts are created equal but the odds are much better that OEM auto parts will hold up to the test of time better than non-OEM parts. When you are looking for replacement OEM parts but do not wish to spend a fortune it is time to contact Factor Part. We offer OEM auto parts for every make and model vehicle. Call today for more information!