OEM Auto Parts: Most Important Parts of Any Vehicle

Many people believe that the most important aspect of their vehicles are the safety features or maybe even the engine. It is important to understand what the most vital parts of your vehicle are before you begin to replace them with sub-par auto parts. With use and age a vehicle will begin to deteriorate. Unfortunately not all aspects of a vehicle will break down at the same rate. While this may be great for your pocket book, it can be difficult because there are so many different options for replacement auto parts. So how do you know which aspects of your vehicle should always be replaced with OEM auto parts? 

To simplify matters, Factory Part has compiled a list of the most important aspects of a vehicle. These parts should only be replaced by OEM auto parts to ensure proper functionality and longevity:

  • Brakes: Brakes are responsible for slowing down a vehicle. Without the proper braking systems responsiveness can be slow and shaky. When there is something wrong, or sub-par aftermarket parts are used on the Anti-Lock Brake System, brakes may lock up in an emergency situation. Brake pads and ABS components should always be replaced with OEM auto parts to ensure proper function.
  • Engine: It comes as no shock that the engine is extremely important for vehicle function. In fact, without the engine your car would not move. Replacing any engine part with an aftermarket part might be a costly and dangerous fix. Aftermarket parts tend to be of lesser quality, work less efficiently, and do not fit as well. Any of these three factors can lead to a loss of power, engine inefficiency, and a loss of function. Only OEM auto parts that were created by the vehicle manufacturer should be used to replace engine components. 
  • Alternator: This one component in the engine is responsible for powering the engine. The entire job of the alternator is to convert mechanical energy, produce electricity, and charge the battery. A malfunctioning or broken alternator can lead to a complete discharge of the battery. No battery charge, no engine turnover. An OEM alternator will ensure that there are no flaws in production or efficiency in the engine. 

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