Most Commonly Replaced Vehicle Parts

Vehicle owners know that sooner or later they will have to pay for replacement auto parts. All vehicles require preventative maintenance and the occasional unforeseen repairs. Regardless of the reason behind the necessary maintenance, OEM auto parts should be considered before any other replacement auto part option. OEM auto parts are produced by the vehicle’s manufacturer so you know that you will be getting an identical, high-quality, and fully functional replacement auto part when you choose OEM. 

Vehicle owners, here are the most common breakdowns in any type of vehicle:

  1. Belts: Typically the Drive Belt. The drive belt is constantly moving when the vehicle is on. This belt is also critical to the overall function of the engine. Drive belts are built to be extremely rugged but will wear down over time.
  2. Fuel Filter: The fuel filter has a lot to do with your vehicle’s gas mileage. Since it is responsible for filtering out excess particles in fuel, it may become clogged over time. 
  3. Brake Pads: Every single time you engage your brakes, the brake pads jump into action. These pads create friction against the brakes & wheels to slow down a vehicle. Worn brake pads can cause delays in stopping, loud screeching, and more dangerous bumper-to-bumper driving. 
  4. Oil Filter: Oil needs to be replaced at specific intervals to help cool and lubricate the engine. The oil filter must also be replaced at regular intervals since they filter out particles within the oil. Foregoing oil or oil filter changes can be incredibly damaging to an engine. 

It is important to remember that all auto parts should be replaced with OEM parts to ensure reliability and proper fit. Factory Part can help you find the parts you are looking for at prices that you will love.