Most Common Dodge Ram Problems

Replacing old, worn out, or defective parts on a Dodge Ram truck is important to owners. Dodge Ram owners love the heavy-duty nature of this powerful truck, so keeping it in top shape is a priority. Dodge Ram owners can rest easy knowing that there is an online OEM Dodge parts store that can help them keep their repair and maintenance costs low. Factory Part is the perfect location to pick up OEM Dodge parts that were built specifically for certain makes and models. With our genuine OEM parts, you will never have to worry about dangers that are often associated with aftermarket replacement parts.  

As with any mechanical, moving object, problems arise from time to time, and Dodge Rams are no exception. Many owners filed complaints the the TIPM began to go bad. This seems to be a common problem among Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler vehicles. The TIPM is part of the electrical system and controls power to all of the vehicle’s electrical systems. When this part begins to go bad the vehicle will not turn on, or odd things begin to happen with the electrical system. This specific portion of the electrical system can be replaced by a manufacturer TIPM OEM Dodge part through Factory Part. Dodge Ram owners also face a cracked dashboard that typically necessitates replacement. While this isn’t a functionality issue, it decreases the aesthetic value of the Ram. 

In order to keep your Dodge Ram running perfectly, do not be fooled by less expensive replacement parts. The parts that local automotive repair shops stock are often aftermarket parts. No aftermarket part is made specifically for a certain vehicle. There is also no quality control among aftermarket auto parts. When your Dodge Ram is in need of replacement parts, reach for genuine OEM Dodge parts through Factory Part. We carry everything that you will need to get your truck back in working order.