Most Common Chrysler Problems

When a problem arises in your once reliable vehicle, how do you go about fixing it? One of the most common ways is to take your vehicle into an automotive repair shop. Many Chrysler owners prefer to do it this way because it keeps their costs down. Taking their malfunctioning vehicle into the dealership often means higher repair bills. An outside automotive repair shop keeps costs down by using aftermarket auto parts that were not specifically made to fit a particular vehicle. A dealership will only use Chrysler OEM auto parts which are built to certain specifications for each make and model. If costs through a dealership is far too high, find genuine Chrysler OEM auto parts at FactoryPart to keep costs lower. 

Over the past year, Chrysler owners across the US have been reporting the most significant problems that they have been experiencing with their vehicles. keeps a data base of all reports and has a chart of the most common problems that require maintenance and repair:

  1. The 2015 Chrysler 200 seems to lead the pack when it comes to problems. This make and model has been reported to have the engine stall or shut off while driving. The most common solution is to rewire the power box or replace faulty sensors with Chrysler OEM sensors. 
  2. Transmission failures before 10,000 miles are also incredibly common with the 2015 Chrysler 200. Many of these malfunctions need completely new transmissions or control modules. These should only be replaced with Chrysler OEM auto parts. 
  3. Electrical problems are the third most common issue for Chrysler vehicles. These problems encompass the TIPM module and often lead to the engine not starting. 
  4. A transmission problem occurs quite commonly with Chrysler vehicles, specifically the 2015 Chrysler 200. This specific transmission problem causes the vehicle to slip into neutral while driving which is quite scary. A full transmission  overhaul is usually necessary but should only be completed with OEM transmission parts.

To find replacement OEM auto parts for your Chrysler vehicle, shop with FactoryPart. Each of our parts is a genuine OEM auto part but will cost much less than heading into a dealership.