Important Questions To Ask Before The Mechanic Is Finished

Your trusted Chrysler is your lifeline so when it breaks down, it is not exactly the easiest thing to deal with. How are you suppose to get the kids back and forth to school and their scheduled activities? Do you have an alternative plan when it comes to getting to work? To get your vehicle back in working order there is a high probability that you will take your vehicle in to be serviced by a professional mechanic. To ensure your vehicle comes back better than it went in, there are a few questions that you should ask your mechanic prior to work being completed:

  • OEM Parts: Ask your mechanic whether or not they utilize genuine OEM Chrysler parts to replace the old, worn out, or broken parts. OEM parts will ensure all repairs will be completed with manufacturer built parts that are specific to the make and model vehicle in question. 
  • AAA Approved: Check to make sure that your chosen mechanic has a AAA seal which ensures that the shops and the mechanics are continuously vetted.  
  • Parts & Labor Warranty: OEM parts come with unparalleled warranties. It is important that a mechanic offer warranties on the parts and labor in which they charge. Bad warranties usually makes for a bad shop.
  • Purchasing Parts: Ask where the shop purchases their replacement parts. If they go outside of the manufacturer of your make and model, ask if you can purchase and bring in the replacement part to the mechanic so that they can install it.

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