Are Non-OEM Parts Reliable?

Unfortunately every single vehicle will break down at some point. The engine and all of the other moving parts of every vehicle make it almost impossible to head off every problem before it strikes. This unfortunate fact of life also comes with large repair and maintenance bills. These bills are even more expensive when you take your vehicle into the manufacturer to have every repair completed. Local auto repair shops often offer much cheaper prices but they often use sub-par replacement auto parts. Many manufacturers will warn that their vehicles should only receive OEM auto parts, and for good reason!

OEM auto parts are far more reliable than non-OEM parts. Non-OEM auto parts are also known as aftermarket auto parts. Typically these replacement parts are not manufactured to the strict manufacturer standards. Although these parts are much cheaper, never, ever replace auto parts with aftermarket or non-OEM auto parts. Some of these non-OEM parts are even pre-owned or used. When a product has already been used and/or does not meet car manufacturer specifications, they should not be installed on your vehicle. The risk of part failure is too high to risk! When the high prices are driving you to purchase non-OEM parts it is time to find lower cost OEM parts! 

If one or more parts on your vehicle need to be replaced, do so with the highest-quality auto parts available. OEM auto parts straight from the vehicle dealer may be too expensive to even think about, but you can get the same parts elsewhere! Factor Part offers customers OEM auto parts that were built specifically for your make and model vehicle. Contact us today to learn more about our amazing prices and our huge selection of OEM auto parts!