OEM Auto Parts: How OEM Auto Parts are Produced

People are always wondering why OEM auto parts are more expensive than aftermarket auto parts. The fact of the matter is that OEM auto parts are made specifically by each vehicle manufacturer. These replacement parts are made to the exact specifications as the parts that are already installed in each vehicle. There is truly no better fit, and no better replacement auto parts than OEM auto parts. Part of the reason that OEM auto parts are so much more expensive than aftermarket auto parts is due to the production process itself. 

OEM auto parts, unlike aftermarket auto parts, are made from high-quality materials. Every material that is in the original auto part will be replicated in the OEM replacement parts. When you are looking for a part to replace one that has become old, broken, or worn down, only OEM auto parts offer identical fit and function. Non-OEM parts are subject to lower production quality and cheaper materials. This means that most of the time a non-OEM replacement part will last less time than an OEM auto part. Aftermarket auto parts are significantly cheaper since there is much more competition among aftermarket dealers and manufacturers. Since OEM auto parts are only built and distributed by vehicle manufacturers, prices are kept high. 

Regardless of which part you choose to replace and old, worn down part in your vehicle, it is smart to do a little research. Decide whether the lower cost of an aftermarket auto part will outweigh the negatives to make it a better choice than an OEM auto part. Visit Factory Part to learn more about OEM auto parts that are high-quality and cheaper than through a dealership. We’ll even help you find the right part at the right price!