Difficult DIY Auto Replacements

As a vehicle begins to break down and driving becomes less reliable, it is time to look into genuine OEM replacement parts. Sometimes replacing engine and other vehicle components can be very easy, but sometimes it is a daunting task that should only be completed by a professional. Changing out an engine belts is one thing, changing brake rotors is completely different. Even individuals that have ample experience with fixing their vehicles will need professional help with some of the more complicated tasks. To keep costs down, you can order your genuine replacement OEM auto parts through FactoryPart and take it into the mechanic’s shop with you.

Here is a list of the auto replacements that should always be completed by a professional:

  1. Any Brake Issues: Since brakes are such an important safety feature and they are a very complicated system, OEM replacement auto parts should be installed by a professional. Example: A Trailing Arm Bushing is highly specialized and if all components are not lined up at the exact angle, major problems will occur.
  2. Clutch: Anytime any of the clutch components need to be replaced, a professional should be called. Replacing a clutch involves a pressure plate, clutch disc, and a release bearing that all need to be replaced at the same time.  
  3. Timing Belt: Timing belts involve almost a complete engine disassembly. This should not be left in the hands of amateurs.  
  4. Shock Absorbers: Shock absorbers wear down over time. It is important that a professional installed OEM auto parts to ensure reliability. Shock absorbers are also a very dangerous component of a vehicle and without proper tools and knowledge, very serious harm may occur.

All of these, and many more, genuine OEM auto parts can be found online through FactoryPart. Shop today and get your vehicle back to peak performance in no time!