Common Five Year Part Replacements on Chrysler Vehicles

Vehicles are not short term investments. When an individual decides to purchase a brand new vehicle, they are usually looking to hold onto it for more than a few years. One of the ways in which a vehicle stays in top working condition is by being maintained on a regular basis. Old and worn out parts should never be replaced with aftermarket parts. Only genuine OEM Chrysler parts should be used to repair or maintain these fine vehicles. 

Most vehicles need scheduled maintenance and repairs to keep them functioning properly. This is not to say that a vehicle will not break down at any other time, but scheduled maintenance will help decrease the likelihood. Whether it is a scheduled or unscheduled repair, only reach for genuine OEM Chrysler parts that were created by the manufacturer. Here is a list of the most common vehicle part replacements at year five:

  • Fuel Filter: Fuel filters need to be replaced every two years. Fuel filters may become dirty or clogged more frequently depending on fuel, method of driving, and weather.
  • Wiper Blades: Wiper blades must be replaced every few years to maintain visual ability. Hotter and colder climates may necessitate earlier replacement. 
  • Tires: Tires, although not put out by the vehicle manufacturer, still need to be changed every five-six years depending on driving habits.
  • Brake Pads: Brake pads should be regularly changed every 30,000-70,000 miles to ensure proper stopping power. Worn brake pads can reduce the effectiveness of the braking system.
  • Headlights/Taillights: Lights begin to dim with age and there is a need for bright lights. Dimmed lights are unsafe, and these lights should be changed out at least every five years. 
  • Alternator: The alternator is responsible for keeping the battery charged. An old and worn out alternator will fail and cause a complete power failure to the vehicle. These alternators should be replaced every five-six years.

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